Car roof rack for kayak

I can get a new Yakima Bow Down rack for $140. Any reason to pass on that? My kayak: Dagger Alchemy 14L. My car: Toyota Highlander with factory installed cross bars.


good price
if it fits your crossbars, why not?

I just read the reviews here
on Wow – the Yak BowDown got pummeled!! I think I’ll pass on it. Other recommendations welcome.

Malone Sea Wings, but everyone has their own preference. For me these made loading and unloading a breeze, and the price was right if you poke around a bit.

My two cents…
Are you going to leave these on the roof, or remove them when not needed? If you remove them, I’d recommend the AutoLoader from Malone for a J cradle, but if you leave your stuff under the sun, I’d take a metal J cradle any day. Pads can and will need to be replaced. That said, I do live in the subtropics, and Ol’ Sol can be brutal.


Price Point
Near-ish that price point

Yakima Jay-Lo

Sport Rack folding J Cradle (name escapes me at the moment)

This is a simplified version of Thule’s Hullaport PRO.

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see Marshall’s recommendations
I only use padded crossbars but the price looked right for the BowDown.