Car/RV GPS's

Looking to replace my Garmin Nuvi GPS. Thinking of getting away from Garmin. To many asinine routes, with Garmins. Any one like Magellan or Rand Mcnally units? Are RV GPS’s any better ? Mainly want to stay on major roads/routes. My Garmins, tend to route through city streets , business routes and sketchy areas. Any suggestions?

PS: I prefer stand alone units, rather than usage a smart phone.

Did you try changing the route calculation mode on the Nuvi? From the settings>navigation you can change it from “shortest” to “fastest” route, which might help. Also, depending on your model, you may be able to set it to the “best fuel” option - after putting in a low value for city mpg and a high one for highway mpg - which should make it select highways.

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Which model nuvi do you have? does it have lifetime map updates. I ask because newer models with the latest maps do better at what route is taken. I have both Mapsource and Basecamp software on my PC. Mapsource was the OLD program used by Garmin Basecamp replaced it. I have the latest maps installed on my PC. BUT each program doesn’t always route the same way even though both programs have latest map to use to plot course. This also applies to the Nuvi units as well. I have a 2797 LMT and an older Nuvi 850. The older one sometimes routes poorly compared to new Nuvi. Even software firmware type updates fixes some routing weirdness. What ever GPS you end up buying make sure it has lifetime map updates.

Garmin are most popular and you can get free ad ons online for all kinds of things. Example Red light Camera ad on, warns you when approaching a stop light with a camera. another example ad on, Rest Stop warnings. So on a divided highway you get a pop up telling you a rest stop is approaching and click on it to get more info about what the rest stop has.

I used a Nuvi in Scotland last year. Navigating from one village to the next I expected it to route me on a highway going around mountains in the Scottish highlands, Instead, It took me on an unplanned and unexpected “shortcut” route, which was a beautiful single lane farm road through a hilly and curvy glen with a herd of highland cattle and newly born lambs romping along side the road. It was one of the best highlights of the entire visit to the country.

Previously, a different Nuvi in Germany did something similar in WWII battlefield country, it short-cutted us on a dirt path through a farmer’s field. That was fun too, and got us to were we want to go. On the other hand, occasionally that Nuvi would annoyingly route me off to an Autobahn exit through a town just off the highway and then back on with no apparent logical reason. Doesn’t seem to matter what setting I have programmed, shortest distance or fastest time.

I have had Garmins, for years. All of them, seem to take head scratching routes at times. Short route, fastest route does not matter. I think Garmin may get kick backs, to route you near business and stop lights. I update the maps, every few months.

I did a road trip, to Delaware from NC a few weeks ago. I bought Bowler’s Cetus MV. The Nuvi kept wanting to route me into stop and go city traffic. It seems to ignore bypasses and beltways. Trips to Florida, DC or any where, always seem to route through a business district. My Smart phone and Google maps, are always different , than Garmin. But, I rather keep the phone as a back up plan, not a primary GPS.

I also pull a camper, on occasion. I prefer not to pull it into heavy traffic. Looking for a GPS, to keep me on the main road. I may try a trucker or RV unit. But have never used one.

They are all pretty much the same. Garmin, Magellan, Tom Tom and the others. They all use their routing methods and some are better in some areas than others. I think from what I’ve seen Garmin is the best. You say you don’t lile smart phones, but they are hard to beat. The maps are updated daily, instead of every year and they quickly route your around traffic in real time.

I have my Garmin on the dashboard and it is reliable most of the time, but I leared not to ignore the Waze app on my phone. On a number of occassions it told me to leave the road I was on and I ignored it. I learned not to ignore it any more after encountering nothing but tail lights a mile or two down the road. When Waze says get off the road, I get off and follow it .