Car Top Canoe Carrier

I have a 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe with factory rack installed.

I wanted to buy this but was wondering if I can use this with the factory rack? Any ideas? Or should I just pay more for Thule canoe carrier?

Safety is very important but if this thing can hold my canoe well, I don’t want to spend 100 bucks more for the carrier.

Think the height of the factory rack
will interfere with the low-lying blocks. If the factory rack’s bars can be removed…then you could use the blocks…but make sure you achieve a snug tie-down OTHW the canoe will shift around on top. Might be a good way to start…if you don’t know if paddling will be one of your priorities…

Realize I have no experience with the foam blocks…but have read where they often work just fine for some people.


I see. I thought I can put these form blocks on a factory rack if the width of canoe is shorter than the factory rack. I didn’t know I need to remove the factory rack to use these…

Of all the purchases
Made over decades of paddling, agood roof rack designed to fit my car has been the most comforting, best amortized one. It’s just peace of mind, and convenience…both of which I value highly. I can load and tie my boat securely in about two minutes…also something I value.

try it
I used foam blocks on my factory crossbars for awhile until I broke down and bought a rack. In my case, the hole thru the foam block was shaped to fit the cross-section of the crossbars. Look for these:

What you posted looks like the hole is shaped to fit the cross-section of a thule bar. That is the setup I use now that I have the thule rack and bars: foam blocks over crossbars. No fancy j hooks or cradles or hullimavatoristics required.

Have no idea if crossbars will come off

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take a few measurements...but as most everyone can attest to, footings/bars look great and really make paddling anywhere so easy...once you get into paddling and add on that new avenue in living.
The key is to find the right footings for a rock solid hold....haven't seen a vehicle not covered by some design of footing.

You can use foam with factory crossbar
but at high speeds and cross turbulence the blocks do tend to slide side to side…

Occasionally we carried a boat on our 2001 Forester with factory rack and foam block. Not often and never involving high speed…just on local roads often dirt roads at that. It worked fine.

Personally I find my investment in a good rack system a wise investment. When changing vehicles you only have to change pieces of it. And I am a firm believer in loadstops. If you can figure out a loadstop system for the foam blocks it would add some security.