Car top Carrying

I have decided to buy a 15.5ft Pelican Canoe but am unsure if or how I can transport it on my vehicle.

Can any give me some advice

94 2 door Grand AM GT

You can use a tie down kit
They have 4 minicell pads that fit between the gunnels and the car. I think they might have them on sale at Sierra Trading post.

But you’ll have to run the straps through the open car doors and inside your car, then close the doors. The downside to that is it “can” lead to having some wind noise in the car from deforming the rubber trim. It kinda depends on the door and seal design. Also, while you’re hauling the boat, and it rains, expect to get water following the straps into the car.

Don’t put the cam buckle inside the car to tighten. It will get tighter if it’s outside on the boat. Orient the straps so you are pulling down to tighten. And use bow and stern lines.

Of course, a quality rack is the best option. But you may not be ready to take that step yet.

Consider trading, and cash in on the
gas guzzler/ clunker rebate. Get a 4 door,as the rack systems and even the foam quickie setups work better on 4 doors.

gas guzzler

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This guy is considering a pelican... I doubt he is going to trade his car in for a Land Rover or a Prius. He just wants to know how to haul his canoe. Jeez suggest a Folbot or something...

To the OP

The foam blocks work really well. I would wrap a cam strap through the open doors and around the middle of the boat and then bolt some webbing loops under your hood and trunk lid. See this thread for details

Other than that yeah it should be fine.


So did you get the boat?
So did you end up getting the boat?


What’s the Land Rover suggestion?
Not a higher mileage car, and not eligible as rebatable replacement for a clunker.

There are several cars, cheap to purchase, that take modern rack systems and would qualify for a clunker trade rebate. Nissan Versus for one.