Car top kayak rack (Swivels)

Ran into a kayak rack design and thought it should be shared…Anyone seen this design before?

Why would you need a rack that swivels?
Lift one end of the boat and place it on the back rack. Then lift the other end of the boat, pushing it along the back rack until it reaches the front rack. You can stand under (inside) the boat to do this. All this should be done from the back of the vehicle and not from the side; i.e., push the boat onto the racks, don’t pull the boat onto the racks.

If it’s a canoe or jon boat (as shown), you don’t need or want a cradle, the gunwalls will fully support the boat. I don’t use cradles for my kayak, either. They are completely unnecessary and more difficult to load and unload. I carry my kayak upside down, since the decks are flatter. I load it rightside up and then flip it over, then tie it down.