Car top transporting

I have 4 Old Town Otter Kayaks that I would like to haul on top of my 2004 GMC Envoy. Any tips, hints, suggestions from anyone out there? Thanks.

Couple of bars and a stacker
and you will be set.Look at the Yakima website.

Kayak stacker
Yup, get a kayak stacker, which is a vertical bar that attaches to a rack (Thule/Yakima). Your kayaks will “stack” on edge rather than laying flat on the bars (as would be the case if you were using a kayak saddle or rollers). Put two on one side and two on the other side and tie well across the bars. You should have plenty of room on your vehicle.

I’d also suggest at least a bow tie down to your bumper or tow hook for safety, but I’m anal-retentive about stuff like that.

kayak stackers
Run a pair of straps individually over each kayak when using a stacker. Don’t try to secure two boats with one pair of straps.

You might get away with it but in a panic stop the inner boat may not be secured tightly enough to prevent it from shooting out forward from between the stacker and the outer boat.