Car Topping A Kayak On A Nissan Altima

I just sold my P/U and will be car topping my kayak.

I purchased the racks and have found two attachment points under the front of the car to attach the bow lines but do not see anywhere to attach any stern lines.

For anyone who has solved this issue any of your tips and recommendations would be appreciated.


These will work just fine
Open the trunk, place the dowel end of the strap inside, then close the trunk on the strap.

Thanks Rookie
Have you used these?

They look like they would work perfectly for either the bow or the stern, however I do have two concerns.

  1. Will they rub the paint off where they are rubbing against the hood or trunk lid?

  2. Will the constant pull or pressure against the lid tend to spring it over time?

    Again thanks so much!

Yes, for my hood regularly

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My car has a tow eye under the rear bumper.

I have a 2016 vehicle and was concerned about the paint, but have seen no rub markings. The tie-downs shouldn't be tight; just taut - but not enough to place any pull on the bow or stern.

Some folks use a small piece of pipe insulation. You could try that for extra insurance.

I can't imagine how your trunk could open because of using the loop - unless the trunk latch is broken.