car topping canoes

hi everyone, i have been reading the pages about car topping canoes and have been doing it for along time with many different kinds of canoes &kyaks but i just got a new explorer and put thule bars on the standard ford rack,72" so i can put 2 canoes side by side (mohawk od 14’)with just 2 ropes on each canoe and then 2 ropes over both, works good but i would like to do the same with my longer canos and tie them off front and back also, without having the line in front not rubbing on the hood .any suggestions thanks up front bob

Clear tubing
that you can get at any hardware store. Just slip the tubing over the rope and place it where the rope touches the car. This should take care of it.

Throw away the ropes…
…and get straps with cam-lock buckles.

Use the double loop method over each one.

Don’t waste your time with front and rear tie downs.

If you use the above method the canoes become part of your vehicle.

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I can’t drive behind JackL
Not because of bow straps but because he drives too dang fast! I can’t keep up with him!

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Jack, I dont recall what kind of vehicle

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you drive but make sure there are more than a couple sheetmetal screws holding the rack to the roof. Many vehicles only have 4 or 6 little screws holding the whole mess on. Most people dont consider that when you load 100 lbs or more up on the rack and that weight gets to bouncing around, it doesnt take much to pull a sheetmetal screw or a nutcert out. Even if your using nice sturdy crossbars and feet and 500 lbs ratchet straps, you may be forgetting that there are those tiny little screws holding it all on. If youre using gutter mounts or door edge mounts, you are much better off.

EDIT= Forgot to answer the question.
A bug deflector on the hood will keep any strap or rope from touching the hood and on my heavier boats, I place a floatation cushion on the rear of my cherokee and rest the bow of the boat on that before lifting the stern up and pushing.

Hood strap protection
Perhaps you’ve already solved your problem,

however i would like to suggest that you

check an auto supply store for those fleece

seat belt covers to wrap around your strap.

Works perfect and from past experience from

an older vehicle with a bug deflector, the

deflector will eventually scratch your hood.

Web tie down loops. You’ll never have
to crawl under your vehicle again. The front ones attach to the fender bolts in the engine compartment and stick up between the fender and hood. The rear ones close in your back hatch. We really like these things. Ropes never get near your paint job.