Car topping equipment

I have a similar topic on another forum, but thought I might get additional advice here.

I want to carry my 9.5’, 38 lb Heritage Featherlite Angler on my Expedition. I have the factory crossbars, but have been told to get some foam covers for them. Where can I buy everything I need to do this right? I have straps, but if I need the foam covers for the crossbars or even special crossbars I’d appreciate any info I can get.

Here ya go

Just one source, there should be others.

Try REI*pddlcarrck&vcat=REI_SSHP_PADDLING_TOC

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If link fails, just go to the REI site, canoeing & kayaking, racks and accessories. But most boat dealers should have contoured foam blocks that are cut-out to fit factory x-bars.

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Cartop carrier
Good advice, guys. Thanks. Looks like the cartop carrier will fit right on my factory crossbars. I might even find some in Youngstown as I think there is an olutdoor equipment store there.

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Pool Noodles
work real well too. Slit one side, slide over your crossbars and secure with electrical ties.

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