car topping Swifty II Tandem

Ok, My girlfriend bought US a Perception Swifty II Tandem for my birthday, and of course foam car top blocks, I ordered a Yakima roof rack system for my Neon which works a LOT better than just plopping the foam blocks on the roof. However, the rear bar on my car does push in on the Kayak quite a bit, I dont want to dent the kayak permanently. What other kind of kayak mounts for the yakima system should I consider? Im about 45 minutes from Oak Orchard canoe/kayak in Rochester, NY, they have their own J-racks that look nice, as well as some v-wing holders.

Im probably limited with the 25" span with the yakima bars on my neon, and a 13’ kayak. Its pretty heavy too, 78lbs I believe.

the swifty is near the same size as the perception Acadia II 14, just a bit shorter with less features. We have been doing ok so far, I have a bit of experience with a canoe, she really doesnt have a ton of paddling experience, but were figuring it out and having a blast! We also bicycle together (seperate bikes), She wanted to get something for us to do on the water, as I live near Lake Ontario, and shes near the Erie Canal here in NY state.


Can you turn it over? If you don’t
get the straps too tight, that should help.

It is hard to figure what you are saying
It sounds to me like you are just putting the kayak directly on the bars, and not on cradles.

Is that correct ?

If so, then you either need to get Yakama saddles, or J cradles.

In my opinion the J cradles would be a lot better for that boat than the saddles since it is so wide.

I have a couple of Keowees which is the exact same boat only a K-1 (older model) insted of K-2, and they nest very nice on the J cradles.



J cradles
No, im putting the kayak on the foam blocks that are on the yakima bars.

I think I like the idea of J cradles, but might buy from Oak Orchard…theirs look nicer and are made locally (to me)…The deluxe version looks better, but I have a feeling the standard would do just fine.

theres a link.

I really wish I had more than 25" bar span, but I have a neon and I dont see myself upgrading cars anytime soon…I get 34mpg as a daily driver :slight_smile: