Car topping with 2013 Scion XD

Any difference in the rack systems?

Looking at Yakima as they seem to have the most accessories available used on craigslist and al but the vehicle specific adapter is widely available.

Thule also has quite a few. Big price difference between used and new.

I want to be able to go two wide. Not sure which models, so lets figure 30" That means I need at least one of the kayak adapters, correct?

I’ve only used Yakima…
but I’m sure Thule is a fine product. Find out what you need and buy used if you have the patience. I’m not sure what you mean by figuring 30".

I think all car roofs will require a longer bar. I’d venture 48" may be the shortest crossbar available. Perhaps I’m wrong. If you’re talking the distance between the crossbars, 30" is mighty short.

Check out Yakima’s “fit my ride” or whatever it’s called and you’ll see what you need to shop for.


I meant the width of each kayak. So 60" total if flat. Wouldn’t fit on 48" bars. Yakima says 58" bars won’t fit, but the car is listed as about ten inched wider and it looks like the bars just stick out the end of the rack. I guess someone might stick their eye on the bar…


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With wide boats you can use "stackers" or "j-racks" which enable mounting the kayaks at an angle or even upright braced on the vertical risers. You can also put wider bars on any car but you do risk bumping into the ends (I had to tape rubber balls to the ends of my rack on one car I had where they were right at forehead level.)

Thule says you need mounting kit 1482 with 58" bars.

58" bars usually still work with two 30" kayaks flat, though. Most kayaks are somewhat narrower than their maximum width at the points where you would be wrapping the straps around them. It won't matter that the boats hang an inch past the end of the bars.

Look on the Thule and Yakima websites which will tell you which components are necessary for your year and model of car. Then watch your local Craigslist and Ebay for those model number parts. I've had 4 different Thule racks over the years and got all of them used except for some crossbars that I bought at REI with a 20% off coupon. I prefer Thule but many prefer Yakima -- both are good companies. I believe Malone racks are a bit cheaper but I have no experience with them and can't speak to quality or service,