Car topping with a Crewcab?


I have been car topping my 17’ canoe with an F-250 crewcab. I have been useing blocks, which works ok, but would like something a bit more solid. Are their any types of carriers out their for my truck? most require a rain gutter to secure them. Have any of you come up with an idea, or are we all in the same boat. May end up designing one and having it welded up. Any suggestions would be appreciated…Thanks

Call these folks. They can fix you up.

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Yakima makes racks for almost any vehicle.

I have a Yakima rack…
. I have a Yakima rack on my 2000 Dodge Dakota 4X4 with the Extended Cab (2 door club cab). The clips hook inside the door opening. You don’t need a rain gutter.

… I haul my 17’ fiberglass Kayak, and my wife’s 14’ kayak on the roof of my Dakota, and have never had any trouble running up to 65mph. To load the boats, I place a folded towel over the tailgate, and slide the boats up onto the rack from the back. It works real slick!

… Just be sure to use bow and stern ropes to keep the ends of the boat from wiggling around at highway speeds.

Racks for truck

Check out my system.
I built it for about $35.

I have a Nissan Frontier crewcab and it came with a small roof rack. To support a 16.5 ft canoe I use a canoe carrier that’s a hitch mount. It supports the canoe nicely. If your bed is big enough you can use the hitch mount so the canoe sits in your bed and the rack will hold it at bed level. I called the manufacture and they sold me a blem for 80 bucks. They are in PA. If your interested I’ll look for the name but they are also in JC Whitney and other catalogs.

PS the blem had no scratches or anything else wrong with it.

Thanks to all who responded…
Thank you guy’s, I will look into the many ideas. I knew someone out their had concured this problem. Thanks again, happy paddling. Wolf

I have been looking for the same thing and found a one a bass pro shop and one at cabelas. it goes in your hitch one by reese the other is fulton canoe caddy around$80

ar topping with crecab
any other ideals on this subject, how about the extend a truck thats in cabelas

crew cab
we have the f-150 crew cab and use a yakima. so for so good. the roof is wide enough to place the racks. i have a 16ft canoe and 16’9" kayak, no problems on the interstate or back roads.

I like my E-A-T,
…but think you can buy the same idea cheaper at Harbor Freight.