Car Topping

This may seem like a really dumb question, but I will ask it anyway.I just baought my first kayak. I own a small car and I use the foam pads on top of my car.The roof of my car is small and pitched so when the kayak is on top, I get alot of vibrating from the wind under the foam pads. Any suggestions to stop this? I hope this doesn’t sound to dumb

How lashed?
Exactly how is the boatlashed or strapped down?

If you are planning on doing a lot

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of trips with the boat, I would suggest that you get a rack and saddles and use cam-lock buckle straps.

If you don't want to do that, the old trick is to put a twist or two in your tie down straps or ropes


Thanks for the answers. I am strapping it down with straps with cam buckles. My roof is so sloped that it makes the ends of the pds lift up so the wind gets under them.

bow and stern
I would suggest bow and stern tie downs.

Thicker foam
Thin pads do not have enough stiffness, they get easily deformed by the moving air. Since the kayak only has a few points of contact with the roof, the rest of the pad is free to flap around.

Thicker foam should solve this problem. You can buy precut ( say NRS ), look on e-bay, or make your own.

A good rack might be a worthwhile investment.

And do not forget Bow/Stern ties.