Caracal 150

I am new to canoes, and I just bought this Caracal 150 15ft flat back canoe from someone with a trailer. I have not been able to find much details on this through google. It seems like a solid river fishing canoe, and that will be its main purpose. I am rigging up a trolling motor now. I was wondering if anyone has suggested on how to mount a milkcrate/battery storage on these fiberglass canoes with fiberglass benches. I was going to get a battery small enough to fit under the seat and run the wire between the canoe halves in the gunnels, but A. I don’t want the wire to sit in water and B. I was worried about run time, so I bought a big battery. The benches are sloped so I can fit the crate nicely against the bench side. Either way looking forward to rigging it up and doing some fresh and inshore fishing. Anyone also have info on this boat?