Caracal Canoe

I’m a newbie (1st post here…Hello everyone) and looking for a new fishing canoe. Anyone familiar with this canoe?

Caracal 150

Any comments appreciated.

I’ve not heard of it, but it appears
to be a fairly wide fishing canoe definitely meant to be pushed by a motor, not paddled much. Couldn’t find weight in the specs, but it looks heavy. Its probably fine for fishing, but not a craft I would want.

I wonder how much …
… it weighs ? Probably a trailer needed , because it talks about a “fiberglass liner” , which I’m guessing is inside a fiberglass hull ?

Looks like a nice fishing boat, good and wide (a 3 keel).

Has a Dory look to it , kinda .

I didn’t see to much in the site link that gave much info. on specs. . I don’t know about a 3" waterline though , wonder what weight they mean by “fully loaded” ?

Canoe Specs
I’ll try and get some more info on it. Once I find out the weight etc., I will post it.

I’m thinking it might be right up my alley though, as I’m looking for something to take out around Cedar Key Florida. Mainly to do some exploring and fishing a little further than I’d do with my Old Town Canoe.