Carbon animal tail paddle

I’m trying to source a carbon and foam, animal tail shaped paddle. [Not a carbon/wood hybrid, that never works as long.] Someone must know who builds these items?

Squirrel tail

see the other forum where you asked
The Wand by Alchemist. Paddleshack Muskoka

Serious answer …
Let me know what you are thinking and I will build it for you. Sounds fun.

I have round and oval shafts + a couple different grip options too.

Can make adjustable length range if you want as well.

None of this is on onnopaddles website but I can do.


consider this pressure
For a single blade paddle.

Hope the weather is nice!

Ryan L.

Hate to double dip
But I was getting; “This isn’t what you asked for, but let me plug my buddy’s biz.” over there. Not helpful, not even courteous.

I’m willing, but need to get the Muskoka gal in contact with you - I wouldn’t dare/deem/ whatever to discuss her stick perimeters, and we’re off for a week in Algonquin starting Weds. I’ll get her in touch within ten days or so, and thanks!

Wenonah makes one for accent paddles
and in it an exclusive for a shop in the us/can. I dunno exact. I have one and like it a lot.

I will mail a pic tonight

lennart, would you email that pic to me
as well ? Thanks.