Carbon fiber "Cost"

Anyone know waht the deal with the availablity of carbon fiber. Heard chat about being very hard to get and cost will probably skyrocket. Good thing got all my gear in order.


It’s called “War” son, called “War”!

– Last Updated: Oct-31-05 9:35 AM EST –

Just think about all the stuff your toys are made of that are used in systems for the military. Things like: fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon. balsa, resin, neoprene, so on and so forth ...

Yup. The prices are up, up and up again, available supplies are way, way down and it is going to get worse before it ever gets better!

A roll of Kevler that used to be less than $300 to $500 last year is over $1300 now. Oh wait a minute, that was the price two weeks ago ... :^(



demand for Carbon Fiber is up.

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