Carbon Fiber hot in sun?

I am looking at a new canoe. I am trying to decide between wood and carbon fiber trim. I like the look of wood and have wood on my tandem but do not care for maintenance on it. That makes me consider the carbon fiber but am curious if it gets uncomfortably hot if the sun is really shining while out on the water. Can anyone tell me if this an issue? Thanks!

In my experience it’s just not an issue. I have one canoe with carbon fiber gunwales. I have another with black aluminum gunwales. I often have a carbon fiber spare paddle directly exposed to the sun as shown in the pic and I do use my spare paddle sometimes. I’ve never had a concern with any of it being “uncomfortably hot” and the canoes and paddles have been used a lot.

Thanks for the feedback. The fact there are plenty of carbon fiber paddles crossed my mind but I have never used one in hot weather. I just wanted to make sure I did not end up with a boat burning my legs.

I have a paddle with a black carbon fiber shaft. It does get hot in the sun if not being used—but not so hot that I couldn’t use it. My concern has been the effect the heat might have on the glues that hold the shaft to the blade and grip, but so far this has not been a problem, and I’ve not heard others with that problem either. As for a carbon fiber canoe, water would surely dissipate any heat.

Nope. Gunwales dont get hot
Put many miles on in hot weather in FL