Carbon Fiber Norsaq

Need for one? doubtfull I know but some of us simply like the maintanence schedule for carbon fiber, of course it’s weight doesn’t hurt much either. I had just recieved an e-mail from Superior Kayaks and suggested a carbon fiber norsaq to them…so who if any besides me would truly have an interest. I ask thinking/knowing they or some close to them scan these boards.


what maintenance does a short piece of oddly shaped wood take?

maybe I’m one of the few
who actually puts a thin coat of oil on my norsaq a couple times a year…granted maintenance is a small issue though even smaller with c.fiber…remember I’ve already admitted that its not an issue of need.

Sort of like…
…having a carbon fiber gearshift knob in a Jaguar…

or . . .
More like a carbonfibre gearshift in a Yugo.

I see the aesthetics of carbon fiber haven’t grabbed everone :slight_smile:

There’s an understatement!
I’ve handled carbonfiber GP’s - paddled a ways with one. They leave me cold! Then again, I’ve broken a cedar one while chest skulling - the carbon probably would not have broken. Of course, I can make 17 WRC paddles for the cost of one carbon from Superior…


I’ve heard from G.Stamer
that even the carbon fiber paddles can break during certain rolls, I think it was the underhull sculling roll he mentioned that took the life of a carbon fiber GP.

I remember a study about fabrics taking away heat from the body in sleeping bags, nylon feels colder but actually takes away less heat than cotton…maybe same with carbon versus wood?