Carbon Fiber Ottertail Paddle

I just searched a popular auction site for “ottertail paddle” and discovered that there is a carbon fiber otterlail paddle listed (for a crazy amount of money.) I didn’t know such a thing even existed!

Alchemist Canoes
makes one-the Wand- but I think their distribution is limited

CF Ottertails have been around a couple of years

I have lite carbon wide bladded paddles,but never wished for an ultralite Ottertail. When using an Ottertail I almost always use an in-water recovery,so weight isn’t an issue. Also the long blade length makes an out of water recovery cumbersom for me. I have a pretty ,heavy cherry one ottertail I use and like.


FWIW … I can make these custom
or base the design of a foam/carbon paddle off your favorite wood one. Balsa and glass is nice too.