Carbon fiber paddles?

Anyone recognize these paddles? I couldnt seem to find them online anywhere

wrong link?
Your link went to an ad for a RIB. I did not watch the full video but I think you might of linked the wrong thing.


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look at the post here from Feb 27,2009

Seems that Muskoka Paddle Shack used to sell carbon fiber Alchemist ottertails, but am not finding that on their online catalog now.


I found its called “the wand” 17oz. last page of this brochure.

now to find a place that sells them if they are still around.

sorry this is the right link

I scrolled through that whole catalog
and somehow missed the last page! LOL

Muskoka Paddleshack will be the only retailer. You will have to call them to find out if they can ship.