Carbon Fiber Poles?

I know I saw these at Raystown the last time I was there. Anyone know who makes them? Looking for the info for a friend. Many thanks.


I bought a Carbon Fiber Pole
I think I bought it at Rutabagas in Madison, WI several years ago. Don’t remember the brand name but I’m sure they can help you. I still have not used it much.

dum eyedear ??
Sherrill tree supply sells fiberglass poles used for “pole saw” and bigshot… I gotz da foam core 'cause it floats

Lendal 3 Part Pole
Although they looked like carbon in reality they were mainly FG with some CF reinforcements at the ferules … but alas they don’t make them any more. I recognized that they would probably not be in production long and grabbed two of them a few years ago, but a bit like Heston’s guns they are prized possessions and could only to be pried from my cold dead hands.

BMO might still have a few in stock ( as well they use to have a couple of 6’ sections of true CF tubing that just screamed for someone to make into the ultimate pusher. Its been over a year since I was there last but my guess is that its been a slow season for high end poles.

Carbon fiber paddle shafts are known

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for occasional catastrophic failure if they get nicked or abraded into the fiber matrix. I would expect carbon fiber poles to have the same problem. I protect my carbon fiber paddle shafts by having the maker(s) put 18" of shrink down tubing over the lower part of the shaft. I don't see a way to use such a precaution on a carbon fiber pole.

Aluminum poles feel colder than carbon. Wear gloves in cold weather. T6061 aluminum poles have a low failure rate, and while they may bend, they can be bent back.

Lendal 3 pc pole.
Doug, I bought one of the Lendal 3 pc poles after seeing Tophers. I orderd mine through a local paddle shop. Anyone that sells Lendal paddles should be able to order one.

As Topher said, I think Blue Mountain Outfitters might have one in stock.

I have not picked up a heavy wooden pole in a few years.

Have you tried a Hayden aluminum pole?
Ed’s progeny still offer to make them.

Have One
Bought it off Ed years ago. Also still have my first aluminum pole probably going on 14 years old now. Has a curious bend on one end!

Yeah, my old Beletz pole has a bend.
They say it may come out after taking vitamin E in large doses for a while.

cf stuff

I’ve only seen the website, never bought anything from them.

You guys tell me what you want.

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How you want it to perform and I will build them to your desire specs and expectations ... NOT a big deal to do this and I can reinforce any high load or abrasion areas ... Same same on multi-piece. Can do.

Edit to add. is a total rip off... (IMO :)


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Hmm, Thinking out loud here...

12' long
1.125" diameter

A stainless steel bolt protruding 1" from either end capable of withstanding 1,000,000 repeated blows of 200-300 lbs force.

Able to withstand constant abrasion from being forced against and jammed between granite boulders at least 3' from either end.

Able to withstand having the last 4" to 12" tightly jammed between two of the aforementioned boulders while the 200lbs poler foolishly hangs from the other end.

Having similar stiffness and flexibility to 1.125" x 0.058" wall T6061 aluminum tubing while being lighter and or more durable that a 12" length of that tubing.

.058 is pretty thin wall …
Whats inside to keep it from kinking when point loaded @ 4-12" while loaded on other end ?

Tommys talking aluminum
that’s the Haydenpole Standard. I have 8 aluminum poles, 6 that Ed made, 2 that I made. All my Hayden poles are somewhat bent, but still function, except for one. That’s the one I pinned myself with and flipped the canoe with, 20 feet from the putin/takeout…at the Ed Hayden memorial poling event several years back. Ed was looking down and laughing, of that I am sure.

I’ve seen wood poles shatter, and the shards are not anything I’d want to be hanging onto. Watched footage of a wing fall off an F-22, and a mast go through a carbon AC boat, after the 78 footer hit about a 3’ wake…great stuff when it works, but seems to lack predictability.

Yep understood. .058 aluminum
Just curious … Do you guys know what aluminum this is ? So about 3 pounds for 12’ not including end fittings … I could see taking at least 1/2 pound off that and getting a stiffer and tougher pole.

Plumber’s Epoxy
Pat, I have used PE for the ends of one of my poles for years now. I had to push some more in only once after a nasty trip where the pole actually flared out from the actions with the rocks we were poling over. It’s a great fix for hollow end poles and makes a good and solid plug. Have never had water leak in through that bond.


Cool …
Anyone reading this … A same-expected-load pole in carbon would be stiffer and 1/2 the weight of the .058" aluminum version. This gives a whole pound and half to place material where it needs to be for odd point loading that would be FAR stronger and tougher than the ‘beer can’ pole. A pound and half of carbon would be ridiculously too much so cut that in half and you get a bomber strong AND tougher pole @ < 2.25 pounds.

6061 T-6 aluminum for poles NM

Beer can pole???
Doesn’t feel like it when it whacks my head.

How much would such a carbon pole cost?

What’s to keep it from kinking?
Generally the 200 lbs buffoon (me) letting go before it kinks but often after it’s bent a bit.

I have seen some kink. But you get a feel for when to let go with wood and aluminum. Too stiff or too quick to go from flexing to breaking would not be good.

Matching the flex to that of the 1.125 dia with 0.058" wall 6061 tubing would be good.

Since shipping a 12’ pole is overly expensive compared to two 6’ poles, I’d be curious about my cost for a 2 piece.