Carbon plate & tubes

Does anyone know where you can buy pieces of carbon sheet or plate 1/8" to 1/4" thick or carbon tubes 1" OD diameter?

composite tubes , carbon , glass etc.
… there is someone on ebay who has been selling composite tubes … look for them under “canoe paddles” .

Try Forte, DragonPlate and Carbon Fiber Tube Shop for commercial quantities, MacMaster Carr for home projects.

Yep. Great source for onsies and twosies. I was just fiddling with a couple of CF 1/8"x1" bars from there today.


Zaveral Racing Equipment

Cabon Tubes (custom?) available
Does anyone need a supply of carbon tubes? I have some extra prepreg braided sleeves, and I’m looking for a use for the material. It’s 1.5in diameter sleeves, so that will make tubes in the .75-1.75in diameter range. Wall thicknesses from about .02in up. These could be any shape/length. They could also taper. Let me know your need. Maybe I can do something inexpensive. Thanks.