Carbonlite or plastic

I am looking to buy a touring kayak (my current kayak is a Perception Acadia 12.5) I was wondering if I should get another plastic one or get a composite material like carbonlite. I am looking at the Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5 and was wondering if the carbonlite material is durable enough to paddle near rocky shores. I also don’t want to worry if someone else paddles it. Our family has a lake house in Pennsylvania and everyone love to take out the Acadia for a paddle. I am not as concerned if that kayak gets scratched up a little.

I have that boat
and I have scrathed already a few times. I backed into a sharp rock and left a gouge in the stern. I filled it in and sanded it down and it looks good. I could have left it alone. It really was cosmetic only. I would not cram it into the rocks the way I did my old poly boat but that is what that boat is for.

Prijon Kodiak …
Is another one that I’m looking at. I may have more piece of mind with the plastic especially if someone else is paddling it. I know I’d be super carefull with the carbonlite but others may not be. I like to share my toys and don’t want to worry about someone wrecking my kayak.

some plastic boats are less prone to deformation than others,the Prijon are a good choice for that. If you are looking at Carbonlite but want durability go the hole hog and pay for the composite modulus version

Carbonlite is pretty tough . . .
I don’t baby my Nighthawk - I don’t go bashing into rock on purpose, but I haven’t had to be super careful with Carbonlite. I paddle right up on to the beach, even a cobble beach, no problem. The bottom flexes some, and of course there are cosmetic scratches as in any boat, but they are certainly NOT delicate.


Right, I hope I did not give
the wrong impression. This boat is very strong and tough. I treat it almost like my poly except it is new and I don’t want it looking like my beat up Necky just yet. The info eddyline has available actually states that it is tougher than poly.

Carbolite is plastic
This may be splitting hairs but Carbonlite is a plastic. It is thermoformed rather than rotomolded like most polyethelene boats. The initial impact resistance in PE plastic boats is higher (that’s why they are so well suited for whitewater use) but the scratch and abrassion resistance as well as the UV and temperature resistance are higher with thermoformed boats. Thermoformed boats are also stiffer and more repairable than PE boats. Carbonlite is Eddyline’s proprietary material but it is all plastic. The Modulus material they use is a composite made from Kevlar and Carbonlite plastic. The Carbonlite replaces the clear coat layer found on most composite boats.

the carbonlite replaces the colored
gel coat found on most composite boats. Few of these boats are clear coated as that does not stop UV damage.

You’re right
Thanks, I mis-spoke, gel coat not clear coat. Either way, that is what the Carbonlite replaces on Modulus boats.

My Nighthawk
has taken a lot of abuse and has held up beautifully. It has been around half the country on sand, shale, pebbles, and rocks. I can depend on it for reliable handling, voluminous storage (for its size), and leakproof hatches.

For my money, you can’t go wrong with carbonlite or Eddyline.

By the way, I also have a Perception Acadia 12.5 (great fishing kayak). You should keep it for a “company boat.”