Carbonlite prep solvent?

I’m about to apply the registration numbers to an Eddyline Carbonlite hull, and wondering about the best way to clean and prep the hull. I’m assuming a little soap and water to start, but then would alcohol be best to remove any remaining oil?

From Eddyline’s Site
Cleaning the Exterior:

A water rinse is often sufficient. Water born scum can be removed with soap. Use a mild solvent like alcohol or naptha to remove stubborn stains. NEVER USE Acetone, MEK or Lacquer thinner on Carbonlite 2000.

I swear I read it as Corbomite
I swear I read it as Corbomite

Registration on a kayak?
where do you live that you have to register a non-motorized boat?


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Iowa still requires registration, although the DNR is supposedly working to drop this requirement. I have registrations for a canoe, small sailboat, and the kayak. I believe that the cutoff is no registrations for boats 11' or less, but the Eddyline is 13'6".

Thanks for pointing out the caution on lacquer thinner; that might have been a temptation in the shop.

On further review. . .
Iowa law states that “registration is not required for canoes and kayaks that are 13 feet or less in length and have no engine or sail.” Since the Merlin LT is 13’ 6" it requires registration. Six inches does make a big difference; I stand corrected.

that’s a sweet boat…
>>>& worth paying for (as opposed to ditching it for an under 13). But it’s still a shame…PA still requires reg. for ANY length.