Care for the inside of a Kevlar canoe

So I just bought my first composite canoe after only having an aluminum one for the last 20 years. I’ve read up on removing oxodation from gel coat, waxing the gel coat, etc. But what about the inside of the canoe or even the black anodized trim? Do I need to be concerned about my kids tracking sand and mud in it and grinding it into the inside. There’s obviously no gel coat on the inside. I’ve seen mention about varnishing? Is there anything I should put ion the inside to protect it? I never really worried about my Grumman of course from that standpoint. Thanks.

Rinse the dirt now and then
When some of the fabric starts to fuzz varnish it

Just wash any grit or sand…
out every so often.

If you never get any wear spots, which you probably won’t, a coat of two part epoxy will cure that.

Several of our Kevlar boats are older than your aluminum boat, and the only repairs we have had to do on them is on the outside of the hull

jack L