Care of Airalite Product

I just purchased a Sonoma Airalite and would like to know what is the best way to store and care for this particular boat outside. I haven’t found much about the airalite material.

Should I store it on it’s side or hull? Should I use any UV protectant on it? Should I clean it with just soap and water? Should I wax it? Any good ideas on a cover? Should the cover be waterproof or water resistant?

Many thanks for any info!


Care and feeding of Airalite
I have a Hurricane Tracer. It’s made of the same stuff just called by a different name. I am told it can be stored on its side or on the hull it makes no difference. I would rest it on foam blocks though. It’s not supposed to be effected by UV rays but some 303 would not hurt(I am told). No need to wax, but wont hurt it. Clean with soap and water. DO NOT USE ACETONE for any reason (I am told).

care and feeding
This may not be good for Airlight but it works wonders on our Hurricanes-3M fiberglass cleaner.We use it in the smallest amount possible-not big gobs like you’d wax a car with.

We use a real soft towel to apply and rub off. It does a great job of lifting dirt out of the scratches and has just enough cleaner to bring back the shine. 3M fiberglass cleaner may in fact over time affect the plastic so all you chemical experts out there should help us out with advice since you shouldn’t use solvents on thermo-formed boats! But we’ve watched very carefully for problems these past two years with our boats and so far there are zero using the 3M several times a season. Not every week!

As for the cover whatever you use make sure it can breath. We built a low to the ground tarp over ours and had our boats stored on their sides with cockpit covers to keep the critters out. Had the boats about 18 inches off the ground on their edges on a little wood rack we built from scrap lumber. The tarp got shredded in a storm but we used heavy surplus canvas the next time and it worked out well.

We use a UV protectant
My wife has a Hurricane Aqua Sports “Tampico” which is made with the thermo formed plastic. I use the “Star Bright Marine Polish with Teflon” on the kayak. It is specifically made for the Marine environment, and it has “extra” UV protection in it.

The UV protection keeps the sun from degrading the plastic, and the Teflon makes the river scum (dirt) wipe right off. Water runs off of it nicely too. 303 is great for poly kayaks, but I like this Star Brite for Thermo Formed and Composite.

Try it, I am sure you will like it! 2 coats and you are ready for the summer!

Store in on it’s side, on foam blocks, and protect it from the sun while it is stored.

Sonoma Airalite
Off-topic here but have you posted a review on the Sonoma? Inquiring minds would like to know.

out back, shaded from the direct South Florida sun -about as bad as it gets in the continental US -by the areca palms, resting on swim noodles on thwe wooden supports, about 5’ off the ground. I run 303 over it about once a month. The boat, when claen, looks nice and bright and just about brand new.

See the pics at;photo_width=auto;photo_height=auto

Once there, click on the YAK RACK OUT BACK II (1) & (2) shots to get a view of our current setup & storage.

The Tracer seems to like that arrangement, and so do we. ANd the whole thing makes it a lot easier to not only load & unload the boats, but to care for them in between the times we


-Frank in Miami

UV Protectant
First, I want to thank all of you who replied!

I also figured I would give Perception a call to see what they recommended for outside storage. The only thing the dude was NOT too keen on was the protectant. He didn’t seem to know much about it, except that he was hesitant to use anything for fear that it may eventually break down the material of the Airalite. I didn’t ask how long Airalite has been around to see if any studies about breakdown have been made. I’m curious to know from those of you who use protectant, how old your boat is.