Care of Duralite

I am new to kayaking and just ordered a WS Tsunami 145 Duralite for myself and a WS Tsunami 125 Duralite for my wife. We converted our garage several years ago and must store the Kayaks outdoors.

I have read conflicting reports about the care of Duralite. I’d prefer not to have to use a tarp because I will constantly be battling the wind. If stored outside, will I need UV protection?

Thank you,


Other than rocks scraping the bottoms of your boats, UV poses the biggest threat to plastic boats. If you don’t want to use a tarp, then buy a cover to fit. Another concern is to store the boats so that they don’t dent (also called “oilcanning”). This is especially true of duralite. Don’t lay them flat on the ground. There are two points roughly three feet forward and backward from the center of the boat designed to accept stress during storage. I hang mine in the garage suspended with adjustable tie down straps. Check the information section on this web site and you should be able to find plenty of help with storage concerns.