Care & Store for Inflatables

Ive got an ElectraSport inflatable raft. It has the brand name in big black letters with a red seahorse logo. Im not sure of the material its made of. Imagine rubber canvas. Its much thicker & tougher than swiming pool raft plastic. There are four seperate air chambers, two for the sides, two for the floor. Each has a valve with a piece of plastic in it that stops most air from coming out unless I squeeze the vavle. Nice feature. We’ve used it a few times, its alot of fun.

How should I care & store for this thing? So far Ive washed it with some dish soap & water, rinsed well & let air dry. Ive kept it stored loosly folded in the closet.


Oh yeah, we used it as a tow behind, like a trailor, once behind a canoe. It was a real… ‘drag’… LOL

The below is a cut/paste from NRS’s
web site. One thing to be aware of is moisture getting inside your tubes, or between the bladder and shell if your boat uses bladders. It will cause mildew and mold.

“If possible, let your boat dry before deflating. Roll up and pack the boat with natural air remaining in the tubes. Do not use a vacuum to suck out the remaining air unless packing procedures absolutely require it. Make sure all valve caps are in place before storing. If possible, store the boat spread out in a cool place with some air in the tubes. If this is not possible, store loosely rolled under the same conditions.”

For what it is worth…
back in the fifties when I was in the Navy and cumshawed (sp) a seven man one from a swab in the parachute loft for “fixing” his leave, the directions with it said to sprinkle talcum powder on it before storing it.

Hope the F.B.I. doesn’t monitor Pnet!