Caribou comparible to greenlander pro?

Anybody have experience with greenlander pro

& caribou.Was wondering about differences in

speed & handling. People say caribou is fast

but it seemed to push alot of water when

paddled fast.

with these types / caliber of boats
It is the engine that matters.


engine that matters
Absolutely, but my take is greenlander is a

bit more advanced boat.I haven’t paddled

greenlander pro but used to own caribou

& just from talking to dealers & other

paddlers that’s what I’ve been. Was just

curious from ndk owners if that’s there

opinion. Thx for input


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I wouldn't say the Greenlander is a more "Advanced" boat, because my experience with them doesn't bear that out.

I own a Caribou, and have paddled Greenlanders in real conditions. While I really like the Caribou, I do not like the Greenlander. The Greenlander is faster, but the bow is very buoyant, and prone to wandering in light to moderate chop. The Caribou is the opposite -- it is not very buoynat in the bow, and tracks better in chop, but tends to pearl when surfing. Overall, I find the Caribou to be easier to control.

Of course, this is all a matter of personal experience. Everyone will have a different take. I also have a BBK Recluse, which I like a lot, too. The Recluse is my distance & nice day boat, and the Caribou is what I paddle when it's snotty out, or I'm headed for rough water. One is not necessarily more advanced than the other, they just do different things well.


Very different boats
I agree with Wayne that the GP is not neccesarily a “more advanced boat” nor is the Caribou a “less advanced” boat(whatever advanced means).

Depending on your weight, kit and handling preferences the GP can be either spirited and twichy or rock solid and mild mannered. In either case it is commonly known to be a relatively fast boat. Loaded for a day paddle the GP is a lively boat with a loose stern, quick and manuverable.

Given the same variances in wight, kit and handling preferences the Caribou can be either sporty and fun or solid and graceful. Some people like the low volume bow of the 'bou, others complain that it provides a rough ride in entertaining conditions as the bow buries itself into steep waves.

I own a GP and have owned a Caribou. For my weight and paddling preferences the GP is a better fit but many people find the Caribou more to their liking. At any rate, they are very different boats (both sexy as hell but very different). Don’t be confused by the common “hard-chine” design, these two boats are more different than alike. Once you’ve tried both, you will never think of them as similar boats (other than the similarity in appearance). I found the Caribou to be better suited to lighter/shorter bodies while the GP seems to respond better to heavier/taller bodies but there are always exceptions either way.