Carlisle Day Tripper paddle

I’m new to kayaking and need a new paddle. Has anyone owned a Carlisle Day Tripper, and what do you think about it? Thanks so much

I have one
and for the price it is a decent entry level paddle. A little heavy and being an aluminum handle, prone to being cold on bare hands in colder weather but it is an adequate entry level paddle.

metal shavings
I bought the day tripper about a month ago at Cabelas. I have not had the chance to use it yet (Winter storm warning for tomorrow - nice spring). As far as the performance goes, I can’t yet say, but…

It seamed fine in the store, but soon after, I notice a klinking when I moved the paddle. It was severe enough that I am sure I would drown myself from insanity after 30 minutes on the lake. Since I live about 200 miles from where I bought the paddle, and didn’t spend enough to justify hassling with the manufacturer, I removed the plugs myself. I found several metal shavings in both sides of the paddle. I am guessing that the drilling process for the shaft is such that the shavings fall into the shaft. Aparently, no one cleans these out in the factory.

Has anyone else had this problem with Carlisle Paddles? I would imagine they machine their higher end paddles on the same line.

All in all, I am still looking forward to using the Day Tripper, but that’s probably because it weighs about half as much as the crappy rec paddle I used the last few years.

Thank You!
Just wanted to say thank you so much to both of you for posting, and for your advice and information. It helps!