Carlisle Enchantment Carbon Paddle

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Anyone familiar with this paddle? I think it's a discontinued model. I'm looking to add a double blade paddle to use in my canoe. This one says excellent for low angle paddlers. Why? I'm guessing that in a canoe would not be low angle? Is 230 cm good for a canoe? I can get this one for $105. I'd like to keep this purchase right in that neighborhood. Thanks!

It depends on whether you sit or kneel,
and on how tall you are between the hip sockets and the shoulders. I kneel and I’m tall, and I need more than 240 cm for a double blade. I got a 240 Werner Camano on a “deal” but its low angle blade didn’t work for the necessarily high angle approach in my open boat. I think Bending Branches has some synthetic double blades for canoes. I don’t know about Carlisle, but I wouldn’t go with a low angle.

Thanks for the info!
I wasn’t sure of the differences between a low angle and a high angle paddle. A little googling gave me a rough idea though. I kneel in the canoe, and I’m only 5’10". Sounds like a 230 may be too short? I read somewhere an outfitter reccomending no less than a 250 for open boat use. And I probably need to look for a high-angle paddle?

Enchantment Paddle
Hey there, just say your post. I have two of these paddles. I think they are great for the price. Don’t think your getting a carbon fiber paddle like a Werner or anything along that line. I actually don’t even know if they use true carbon fiber to make the shaft or blades. There are pictures floating around the web that show both the blades and paddles looking this way but I think it may all be painted fiberglass. But, for $105 it is a very nice lightweight paddle with a few adjustable settings.

Thanks for the input!
I have concluded that 230 cm is going to be too short for my needs, so I’ll have to pass on this one. Thanks for your input though!