Carlisle Fiberglass Expedition

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I've tried out the Carlisle Expedition Kayak Paddle before and am very comfortable with it. I can buy it for 99$ via Amazon. Should I hold out for Aquabound Full Carbon Paddle?(I really can't afford Werner Paddles yet).I won't have the chance to try out any more paddles until spring. BTW I paddle tandem Canoes,rec kayaks and a Old Town Dirigo tandem.... Thank You

Since you’ve tried it and it felt right,
why not buy and use it?

Carbon paddles, if much lighter, may not be stronger. If stronger, they may not be much lighter. And the real issue is whether the blade feels right to you.

Buy the lightest paddle you can afford
Every person I have ever spoken to says buy the lightest paddle you can afford. The main reason is lighter paddles have less strain on your body.In particular, your shoulders.

Aquabound paddles have no issues with durability. They are American made and their carbon paddles are more durable than all Aluminum/Fiberglass paddles since the blades are nylon reinforced.

I would go with the Aquabound for sure. I think you and your wallet will be much happier in the end.

A really light paddle is nice, but I can
go all day with heavier sticks. Shoulder strain isn’t a matter of paddle weight, it’s a matter of technique.

There is a 4 ounce difference…
between the Carlisle(33 OZ) and the Aquabound Carbon(29OZ). I guess I cant go wrong with either one! I appreciate your help and advice. I’ll probably purchase the Carlisle but I will try out the Aquabound Line when I go up to Old Forge NY(MountainManOutdoors). Have a Kayak waiting for me…

I’d get the heavier Aquabound rather than the lighter Carlise. But for me it is the shape and size of the blade that matters more than the weight. I like my heavier fiberglass 200cm Aquabound manta ray better than my much lighter all carbon 215 Werner Little Dipper for most every use.