Carlisle Magic Fiberglass

Dick’s Sporting goods has the Carlisle Magic Fiberglass for $150 with a $50 rebate right now. What is your opinion on this paddle?

Looks good for $100 bucks after the
rebate, but I have never tried one. I got a Prijon with mixed FG/Carbon blade fabric for a similar discount. I’m not sure why Carlisle expects their FG paddle to be more flexible than their carbon version. That depends more on the layup than on the fabric.

Got One
I actually picked one of these up the other day. I was given a $50 Dicks gift card for my b-day, so with $150 purchase, $50 gift card, and $50 rebate, I ended up getting the paddle for $50. I have’t used the paddle yet, but I mainly got it to use as a spare. I couldn’t pass up a fiberglass paddle for $50…

How long are they running the rebate for on these?

until the 30th I think
So act fast! I like the color and feel. I just want to make sure I’m getting a good value.

Anyone else know of any better paddles for the same price?

I started out with
Aquabounds (Seaquel and a Sea-something!). I like them and still use them at times 'cuz they’re indestructible. I’ve beaten them, pried with them, poled with them, sat on them, they’ve held up incredibly. Now, they’re heavier than my ONNO and they flutter, but nothing is perfect.

It’s OK
I’ve got the RS Magic version with plastic blades that I use for light recreational paddling. It’s fine for that. I’m not a high performance paddler, so can’t comment if your purpose is high performance.

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rebate is almost up, what do you thinK? is it a go?

I looked at them - - -
I wasn’t exactly impressed myself, but it’s a lot cheaper than a Werner CG etc.

If it’s your first decent paddle, go for it. Use it, beat on it, review it, and you can watch for that dream paddle in the future knowing you will have a good spare.

As for myself, I’m gonna pass. I just bought a couple 8’ Western Red Cedar rough sawn 2 x 4’s - - I tried a dud’s GP paddle a couple weks ago - - and know I’m gonna make my own. $13.00 a piece and a little bit of time

sure, it’s a deal

Check out REI
I have never been impressed with any boating product from Dicks - most of their paddles dont even fit together properly and wiggle terribly. If its an Rs magic 2 which is 38 ounces - you may wish to look at REI outlet and see the aquabounds on sale right now - i think they are about 2 oz more but i think they are a way better product for the money. They are a good company to deal with if you ever wish to return a product that isnt quite right. (no i dont work for them!)

Check Bass Pro. They may be cheaper.