Carolina 12 for my kid, or other?

Hello all. I’m about to buy a 2006 Carolina 12, brand new, from a shop. The guy quoted me $360. Is this a good deal?

And is this the boat that i should get for my 6-year-old paddler? He is currently paddling a 10ft custom built kayak we are borrowing from a friend. It is a great little boat built by Pacific Water Sports (no longer in business). It weighs about 20 lbs…so i’ll miss that luxury when we return it.

Suggestions before i make a deal?


here are a couple other options

Current Designs Raven - A bit costly since they will grow out of it, but still a nice little boat. -

Epi-Sea - I got this for my six year old - a bit too much room in the cockpit and should be fitted out a bit, but nice small boat for kids

There are also some nice play boats out there as well. Check out Jackson

Hope this helps

Really Good Deal
for that boat as new. I had one for my kid. (I used to paddle it for practice. I’m 5’3" and 140lbs, after ripping the seat out as my kid grew.) It should last your kid for at least 3-4 years, or s/he hits a 125 lbs or more.

The 12 (old Umiak) is boat that the kid can grow into. You do need to add on thigh braces when s/he is ready to learn edging.


If your looking at bigger water
You may want to look at the tsunami 120 sp (small paddler)

Intended for kids and small women, its just like a normal tsunami, just thinner and shorter…

Not as nice as the Raven, but not as expensive either. Double the Carolina though

the Tsunami SP IS a small persons Tsunami sea yak. we specially made it small sized, tho even I fit in it and top out the performance curve…so 180 lbs works. Granted I pull the footpegs aft and stand on the bulkhead but it works.

The SP has full features including bulkheads fore/aft, hatches, backstrap, full reflective decklines, etc.

good luck in your quest. The Ts SP isn’t quite THAT cheap.


Really good deal
I got my son a new Umiak 10 years ago for $500 with a skirt and a werner kids paddle.

Scratching My Head…

– Last Updated: Mar-30-07 5:09 AM EST –

that you two would recommend buying a new kayak that is almost 26" wide for a SIX year old, at over $500 plus, while the original poster is asking about $300 brand new Umiak/carolina 12, that is way better fit at 22" wide...

What am I missing...?


PS. Okay... Steve at least qualified his post about the price.

did you get the idea it’s sooooo wide?

It is a very slight 20.5" I think, maybe 21. I’ll check later.


Tsunami SP
I just checked at for the sp.

Priced $699.95 so about double the carolina that he was quoted.

Also they say its 21" wide and weighs in at 35lbs.

Seems just about the right size for a 6year old to me

My Bad…
“SP” – small person?

I got this tsumani mixed up with versions 1,2,3,4 or whatever number it is.


Websites out of date
The SP isn’t on the WS website. The Tsunami 120 is described as “Our most compact Tsunami.”

It’s not just WS. The Raven and other new CD boats aren’t on the CD website, even though several retailers have photos and descriptions.

When are these people going to realize that the web is an important marketing tool? Why is it that a tiny company like Jackson can throw up a new page almost every day but it takes the big guys with real marketing departments months to post basic product information?

go figure
yep…a high school kid with a little bit of web savey could throw-up accurate, fresh info in a jiff but a mega corp stubbles.

oh when will they ever learn…oh when will theeeyyyyyyy ever learn?


You could hire Pamlico_140
to do your website

why didn’t I think of THAT???



New Tsunami SP = $625
Where did someone get that $900 price tag? I saw one new at North Cove Outfitters for $625 and Kayak Centre is selling them for about the same price with no sales tax. Very nice boat…and the one sitting at North cover sat side by side with a brand new Carolina 12.

The Carolina 12 went for $425 new but lacked:

  1. Bulkheads - VERY important
  2. Padded seat
  3. Adjustable padded thigh hook system.

    Each boat is very close size wise in length, width, and height…but note that the hull on the Tsunami has semi-hard chines…and the Carolina has a rounded bottom.

    Here is a question for FlatPick though: (hi Steve!)

    WHAT THE HECK are those four puck-shaped indentations on the bottom of the Tsunami 12 SP hull? ???


My eyes are tired…guess that other quote was $699 not 900. Sorry.

Oh - but also, the Tsunami 12SP ALSO has an adjustable backband where the Carolina 12 has nuttin…