carolina 13.5

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first of all, thanks to those who responded to my last post. all of the kayaks i had listed as being interested in have either already sold or been a scam. so now im looking at the carolina 13.5. im not sure if its too small for me, 5'10" 175 lbs. theres a good deal at sierra trading post for one. as before ill be using this mostly for laid back paddling and camping trips. any thoughts? thanks.

I’ve spent many a buck at sierra…
Don’t purchase until you find a 20% off coupon. They always have 20% off specials going on… I picked up a Carolina 14.5 from there for $580… that includes the $100 shipping :wink:

Try this thread for details… usually it’s a 5 digit code. Won’t be able to get free shipping though.

Using this link:

Gives you a 13.5 for $520 shipped.

thanks so much. i would have never known about that. im gonna get it now. you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

Carolina 13.5 may be too small for you.
I’m 5’6" 155 lbs and sat in one at Canoecopia 2006 and it felt pretty tight.

The 14.5 may be a better fit.

Maybe someone more familiar with the 13.5 will chime in.

I think i sat in the 13.5(unless it was a 12.5??) at a demo day, a couple years ago, and it felt like a kid’s boat, made for someone maybe 5’5’’ tops. i’m 6’1. it just felt SMALL.

I sat in one at the store, way too small
for me even though I have a hundred pounds on you, the cockpit just seemed “small” not thight, small. Its a nice looking boat and very popular, nice hull design but just somehow “small”.

2003 model?
The 13.5 in my opinion was designed for a paddler with a shorter torso (read women). The cockpit is really cut down near the waist and the hull does not have the fullness to accommodate heavier paddlers. Whether you fit or not, the boat will not feel as stable as other boats built for your size; the 13.5 will feel top-heavy.

The 2003 model was the rebadged and slightly tweeked Catalina. It has a flatter deck profile than later versions and offered even less leg and foot room than say the 2006, the last year the 13.5 was built.

There was never a Carolina 12.5.

2005 OK, 2003 Too Small
I’m 5’9", 165 lbs, shoe size 9 and have a 2005 Carolina 13.5. They widened the boat that year to 24.5". The fit for me is snug but comfortable and I like the boat very much (the low back deck makes it easy to do a paddle float re-entry). However, IMO the narrower 22" of the 2003 would make the boat too small. If your feet are any larger than mine that would also be a problem.


Probably not a good fit
If this boat is indeed an early Carolina 13.5, it’s probably not a good fit. I’m 5’3, 150#, and the deck height is right for me. I love the fit. My 6’, 185# husband tried it once and said “never again”.

too small.

go 14.5 if you want a bargain or go newer styled Carolina 12 or 14. Hugely different (and better) boat. again IMO. :wink:


i got all excited and ordered it last night after getting that 20 percent off. now it sounds like its def too small for me. i have size 12 feet! i wonder if its too late to cancel?

Sorry I made ya jump the gun. Call them up ASAP and cancel, usually it takes a day to ship. Sierra Trading Post has pretty good customer service so as long as you can get a hold of them before shipment, you should be ok.

He should be ok.
I doubt they ship on Sundays. Most shippers don’t mess with larger items on weekends, do they?

If it is too late, give it a try
Three paddlers in my club paddle 13.5s, and like them a lot… The largest of these three is 6 foot or taller, probably 210 pounds.

Is it that much smaller?

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My Carolina 14.5 is: COCKPIT: 21" x 38"
Carolina 13.5 2003: 33 x 22¼" cockpit. (width listed as 22" though).

Sounds like some confusion in their listing. Call them up and find out... I'd be really surprised if a 4 year model is still floating around. (The pictures look like a later model with the black seat?). If it is 2005 or later, it should work out fine... cockpit is same size as the 14.5 from what I understand.

dang again
they shipped that badboy out at 4:30 in the morning so they beat me to the punch. ill check it out, and maybe itll work out. if not, back to the drawing board. thanks everyone for the help.


blessing in disguise
like I said look for a new model Carolina and methinks you’ll be happier.


in case anyone cares
the kayak arrived today. it is indeed a 2005, according to the manufacturer;s statement of origin. sitting in it in the living room it feels a little cozy but comfortable. im gonna take it out tomorrow and give her a test spin. one question: on the statement of origin in the quality line it says 2nn, what does that mean?

Glad to hear
Glad to hear it’s not an '03. You’d never have gotten your size 12’s in that baby. Cozy but comfortable is ok.

The boat was advertised as a second, but if “2nn” has some special meaning, I don’t know.

Good luck with your new boat!


they just typed a n instead of a d.