Carolina 14.5 Airalite

Does Perception still make the Carolina 14.5 in Airalite? VF

I think
They only make it in a 14’ now. I have a 14.5. It seems every one I let paddle it wants it. NOT!

Do you still have
the Sonoma as well?

You know you have too many boats, girl.

I still have the sonoma
I also found a sonoma 13.5 I bet you would like. (I didn’t buy it.) I kept saying over & over “I have enough boats”

Just a short drive from everywhere…
you will find an unpaddled Carolina 14.5 and a Sonoma 13.5, both in Airalite, sitting waiting for happy new owners at Stickmans shop. Both on sale! First come first served. You know you always wanted to visit Carbondale, Il!

I saw the Sonoma, Stickman
But I didn’t know you had a Carolina 14.5 airalite. where was it hiding? KK

How timely…
last night as I was taking out my SOT, guy paddles in on this very kayak and a few of us start talking. We all agree to test paddle each others boats…wow, his 14.5 in Airlite was beautiful! On my 30 minute drive home I kept thinking…humm, sell this kayak or garage sale my excess stuff and buy the Carolina…maybe a belated Father’s Day gift to self? Lol. Very nice kayak indeed.