Carolina 14 Max Capacity

I am completely new at this & I am trying to purchase my first kayak. I like the Carolina 14 kayak but the max capacity rating is at 300lbs. I am a rather tall and roundish lad and wanted to know how lenient those ratings are? If I went over, would I be dooming myself to underwater kayaking(say if I went over 20lbs for some food, small tent & sleeping bag)?

Or should I just keep browsing for another kayak?


At least look at some with a higher
rated capacity. (Or consider a canoe instead.)

Claimed capacities are less standardized for kayaks than for canoes. Sometimes one can exceed a claimed capacity and get away with it. In other cases, the boat’s handling may deteriorate seriously and you may find cold water sloshing over your sides too much of the time.

Tsunami 145
is a good big-guy’s kayak in that size range – 350 lb rated capacity.

ditto tsunami 145
I’ve had some big guys around the weight limit of the carolina 14 get in it and almost immediately capsize. Whereas the tsunami 145 is surprisingly accomodating for a big person. Smaller cockpit on the tsunami has its pros and cons for the large paddler. Check it out and sit in it.

Thanks for the replies, and the suggestion about the Tsunami 145. I think I took a look at that one but one look at the cockpit and didn’t think I was going to fit in it but, I may have another look.

Thanks again!

try it
it’s quite roomy to accommodate larger paddlers. You could also take a look at the Pungo 140, same capacity with a more open cockpit.