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I just received a new pair of Carriyoke brackets to install a center seat in my Mad River 17' Explorer. Can anybody send me a picture showing them installed?

Exactly where should they be installed. I heard just to the rear of the center-line. My canoe is asymmetical.


Why would your Explorer be

I don’t know.
Maybe it was a special model. I didn’t buy it new. I won it at an auction last fall.


I dont recall an Explorer 17
save perhaps about 15 years ago on the Snake River in the Yukon and never heard of a Carryoke.

If you have an Explorer are you sure its 17 feet? No Explorer is asymmetrical in view from above.

Many canoes are asymmetrical in sheer line.

It is a 17’ Explorer
Look at the Mad River website under the archived catalogs. The 1988 catalog shows the 17’ explorer. You are right about it not being asymmetrical.

Eds canoe told me how to install the Carriyokes.