Carroll Point/ Chesapeake Bay

I decided to take a little paddle from Dundee creek out to Carroll Point, which is one of my new favorite places. It’s about a 3 mile paddle out.

I was going into the wind the whole way out and only averaged about 2 miles an hour for a while.

Once I got into the bay the party really started. There was a good bit of wind and the water was choppy. It was very manageable, just slow. I love the point when you cross the threshold into the bay from Middle River, and there’s steady wave activity. I punched through that and got a taste of what was to come, namely small waves breaking on me.

As I got through that section I started heading towards Carroll Point, which is a small island that sits off Carroll island. The wave activity picked up significantly so I kept about a 45 degree angle on the waves coming into me as I approached the island. I could see a lot of caps and knew there would be a very active surf. Just as I hit the island parameter, the waves became much stronger, and I started a much less comfortable angle, almost parallel to the surf. I don’t like that approach but I wanted to stay near the beach. I kept an eye on the bow and tried to hit the flat spots on top of the crests. It was mostly effective but was still knocked around a good bit. Two or three waves broke on me, not enough to capsize the kayak but enough to keep me awake. Once I got to the far side of the island I turned the kayak and got on a couple of small breakers. It was the first time all day I had the wind behind me, and it felt pretty good.

I made good time heading back into the creek, and stopped for some pictures. They aren’t great but at least show some of the water conditions.

A couple of observations:

My rudder on the looksha is not great in rough surf, or when the conditions get intense. Don’t know if it was the pedals, the rudder itself, or just rudders in general.

I tried to keep high hands and maintain a nice vertical catch. It got hard in rough surf, and I had to use my hips a lot. I need to look into alternative strokes just so I have options.

My arms never got tired. The forward stroke course I took from Brian Blankenship really worked.

Looksha may not be the prettiest or fastest boat but it is a workhorse and I felt very confident with it.

Very few boats out, probably was a little rough for them! :lol:

Total distance was about 7 miles and overall I maintained a 3mph average, which I was okay with even thought it sounds slow. I topped out at about 6mph down winding.

All in all a great day.

enjoyed reading your trip report
I enjoyed reading your trip report. I’m new to kayaking, and spend most of my time on the Dundee.