Carry bikes on kayak trailer?

I am looking at a Load Rite kayak trailer which is capable of hauling 4 kayaks (2 on each side)

2011 LOAD RITE TRAILERS DETAILS–97932779/?zmc=cfem1

Load Rite builds these from a stock jon boat trailer adding the uprights and the cross pieces

There look like smaller versions of the trailers used by outfitters.

Does anyone have any ideas about a way to carry two bikes on one side with 2 kayaks on the other.



simple solution
I have a Slick Ryder trailer that is probably a bit larger than your trailer. Previously, I used to simply hang bikes vertically from the upper crossbars on one side of the trailer. The front tire/fork/handlebar would be on one side of the crossbar, the rest of the bike on the other.(Then lash them down of course).

More recently, I have placed a beavy plank (rough cut 2 x 10") lengthwise along the lower crossbars on one side. I flip the bikes upside down on the plank and lash them with strapping and elastic cord. Works pretty well!

What I’d do

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Use "U" bolts to attach a 2x6 to the trailer cross bars, long enough for two bikes. Get two of these bolt them to the 2x6. Then use a velcro strap to secure the rear wheel. You could even mount two boards side by side if you wanted to. No part of the trailer will touch the bike frame, so there will be minimal stress on the paint. Plus they can lock, making a grab and go theft harder for the criminal.

sure you can …
… you have all that main frame there on each side .

Just by looking at the trailer my 1st thougt is weld on outlook extensions each side (two each side - one in front and one in back of fender well) so that each bike rides over the fender wells . On the extensions is where you would add the tire carriers for the bikes . These extensions act as a base to build on . They could be made out of 1/4" flat plate stock with a 45 degree under brace . It’s a simple deal , if you need to see this concept just email me and I’ll draw up a 3D sketech for you to get the idea .

As if setting the bike tires centered over the fender but not touching it . Just imagine lifting your bike up and setting it’s sprocket/pedal area on the fender to see where it would ride , but the bike would not rest on the fender really , it would be supported by it’s tires in the designed carrier welded to the trailer main frame .

You could do the same thing w/o welding by spanning across the trailer frame with angle iron or wood and bolting that directly , but I’d rather see short extensions welded for the better job .

compare the prices with this one

Dig out your old toe clip straps for the

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back. Raises the cool factor IMO.

I like the Nashbar product
But I would advise boats on the bottom and bikes up top.

Boats on one side, bikes on the other will unbalance the aerodynamics and produce some yaw moment on the trailer.

At the very least this will make the tires wear funny.

Thanks to all for your suggestions
Great suggestions - I really appreciate the feedback.

I have still not decided whether to buy the trailer - I will post back here if I get it and let you know how it works out.