carry kayak w/o roof rack

Hi All, Am going to pick up a new kayak in Boston area next Wednesday ( drive it back to NC with a rental car from Hertz. Problem is neither they nor any of the rental car companies that will rent on way long distance will guareentee a car with a rack. Beside the inflatable rack (can’t get it from UK in time), anyone know of a cheap way to safely mount a kayak on a car w/o purchasing a full Yakima rack system? Thanks, John

Foam blocks
And straps to tie everything down.

Forget Cheap!
Those are gorgeous kayaks! If you’re spending the $ on the kayak transport it safely. Quick order some Thule Set-2-Go Saddles from a dealer that’s doing the Thule Days Sale (ends today 4/28) at 20% off the regular price. Have 'em shipped to where you’re picking up the kayak. Drive your new boat home and eBay! the saddles for what you paid for them as that 20% off sale’s going to end. Just need a car with a factory roof rack.

Can always give me a call if you need a hand.

See you on the water,


National Rent A Car
I would rent from National as Emerald member (membership is free) because you can go to the parking lot a pick the car/truck/van you like from their emerald selection (without membership you can’t pick those car up).

Jeep Commander, Mini vans, even Vibes, etc. w/ racks are very common. I use National almost every week from big to small airports such as Jackson, MS, and I almost always see vehicles w/ racks.