Carry on the water?

There is a bill pending to allow weapons to be carried on Lake Hartwell. It is already OK for CWP holders.
Seems a bit silly since I’ll guarantee that anyone who wants to already is.
And , astonishingly, noone is shooting at anyone!
If I ever did take one , I’ll also guarantee that I’d capsize and lose it.

South Carolina, beautiful state. Hell give everyone a gun. You think they’d have better things to do.
Lake Hartwell, good bass fishing. I was hoping to see some Clemson honeys when I was there. But it too early in the season.

Can you cite why this bill is being considered? What happened to allow, I presume non-CWP, an exclusion zone of a very populated lake to carry a weapon when they otherwise would not be allowed to?

With quick Google check for COE-2018-0008, this is proposed to align all Army Corp of Engineers lakes rules with Federal allowance for folks to carry as in National Parks. Let us hope some beer fueled Bubba does not kill anyone or perforate any objects as a result.

As far as CWP, I feel strongly that one of the conditions of approval is to go the ER, the morgue and a funeral to see first hand what a chunk of hot lead will do to soft tissue.

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I agree that the qualifications need to be more stringent. A simple test leaves a lot to be desired, like do you know which end the bullet comes out of. Far too many people impulsively bought guns because of CV.

Interesting that being on water would effect your rights. In Idaho it’s easy. The constitution is your conceal carry. Land, water or air.

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It is not the Concealed permit holders that I worry about. They are compliant enough to go the extra mile to take the extra step(s) imposed upon them for fire arms safety above and beyond the 2nd Amendment.