Carrying 3 Kayaks with 1 set of cradles

I started off my career in kayaking early this year, bought my first kayak, and purchased a roof rack for my car. What I bought to carry worked great for my one kayak. Well, the last week brought two more kayaks to the fleet (one for my wife and one for my daughter). The question now is what is the best suggestions for loading and carrying three kayaks?

Key facts:

• Car: Hyundai Sonata

• Rack: Yakima Q System with round bar

• Cradle: Yakima JayLow (

• Kayaks: Jackson Tupelo 12.5, Perception Rhythm 11, and Sun Dolphin Aruba 8

With one kayak I would carry my Jackson Tupelo in the rack and all is good. I purchased the Yakima JayLow, because it was movable to two positions for carrying two kayaks (just in case). This can be seen at the website in the video at the bottom. Now with three kayaks I am questioning the best options to load and carry. Last night was my first attempt at loading and carrying and I went with the Perception Rhythm in the cradle, the Jackson Tupelo backed up to the cradle standing on its side, and the Sun Dolphin laying on its bottom on the bars. This seemed too worked and I had no issued going normal speeds. But, as I stated I am curious what others might suggest. Please keep in mind that there is no money to purchase another cradle this year.

Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated.

Don’t know those boats, but
If you have 78" bars or change to them if you don’t have them, you could have a set of saddles in the center and then a set of J cradles on each side.

Jack L