Carrying a Canoe and a Kayak rooftop

Any thoughts on whether this is possible. I have an Old Town Discovery 169 and a Wilderness Systems Pamilco 100. The only way I can think of to get the both on is to put the canoe on as usual and then stack the kayak on topof it - but this seems like it’s asking for trouble. Do I just need to plan on getting a trailer.

What vehicle
and roof rack arrangement, if any?

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Nissan Pathfinder 2003
Standard roof rack. I just use foam blocks and straps for the canoe.

I’m willing to consider purchasing some type of additional rack system if it will help.

I’ve done it
on a Nissan Quest, I used the ‘RedNeck’ rack system(aka 2x4) and put them side by side. Tie them securely, bow and stern lines, etc.

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I’m ashamed of myself
for not thinking of that. I have strong redneck roots with MacGyver-like rigging skills. I also have a nissan quest so I could do it with that, but I’ll more likely be using the pathfinder. I even have the 2x4’s I salvaged from a set of garage shelves that I just removed. I’m really slipping.


ive had 3 kayaks and a canoe
ontop of a jeep grand cherokee , and several times on a tahoe.

one yak and a canoe should be no problem. put the canoe down normally, and tilt the yak up on its side next to it and strap them down. Should be zero problems.

Canoe as it should be, yak on it’s side.


Good luck


So I can buy a 2nd yak too
Looks like you’ve got a second yak on top of the canoe.

Everhave any issues with the yak on top of the canoe? Any suggestions for making it work well?

I’d like to get another so that all four of us can be paddling and no one gets the boring middle seatin the canoe.

Canoe is 35" wide
the factory racks are under 40", don’t see room for the canoe and kayak on it’s side.

So - 2x4’s to extend the width seem like they will be necessary.

Would ther be a problem with loading the canoe as I normally do, then loading the kayak on top of the canoe using foam block and bow and stearn lines on both?

2X4’s or…
if weather permitts (No Rain) Canoe up top hull down…that leave a perfect cradle for the yak upside down inside the canoe…Strap around both, and then tiedown to vehicle and add Bow and stern lines…

Seems a lot simpler to bungie 2X4’s to the roof rack and then work from there…just make sure the boats are secured around both the 2X4’s AND the Roof Rack.

Yakima rack with long crossbars and
J racks for the kayak.