Carrying canoe on 2013 YukonXL

Hello, it has years since I have been canoeing. I am looking at a used Wenonah Minnesota 3 and am looking for suggestions on how to transport it on top of a 2013 YukonXL. With as many Suburbans and Yukons that are out there, surely someone has tried this;). My internet searches have not really found much information. Anyone care to share their thoughts? Thank you so much!


It is easy
What do you have on the roof? Side rails or cross members? Do you want to just haul canoe/s? A quick yakima search on their website showed canoe brackets that attach to the crossmembers. You need to search a little more.

Yes I have been to the Yakima website and have seen the keelover system. Is this what you are referring to? The vehicle has the factory crossbars with the factory flush side rails. Which, by the way, is not an option given on the website. Yes the keelover system is said to be compatible with the factory crossbars. Are you familiar with the keelover system? To me it seems not much different than cutting a foam noodle pool toy and covering the crossbar. I was merely looking for input from other Yukon/Suburban as to what they do, not looking to debate Internet search abilities. I do appreciate your reply.


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I haul my canoes on cars so I don't have any experience with them but the keelover looks simple enough. Instead of buying a set of bars, towers and canoe brackets the keelover just clamp on to your existing crossmember giving you a little ledge for the gunwale of the canoe to sit at each corner. Yakima must trust the factory rack system so for $100 I would make the purchase if I'm just hauling a canoe. Foam blocks/noodles work but I don't trust them if you are hauling a boat constantly places.

They must not make a traditional rack system for your vehicle. Thule has the Thule Portage 819 product that is the same as the keelover.

Yep, for $100.00, I suppose they are worth a try. At least that way I won’t have the kids hitting each other with leftover noodle pieces;). Thanks!

Worked great!
For anyone searching, the keelover system worked great with the Yukon. I guess everyone here must drive a Subaru…:wink: