carrying canoe on truck

hey i have a dodge truck with a tonneau cover, so I don’t won’t any holes in it. I was looking at the reese or fulton canoe caddy or the extend a truck to carry it. Like how the fulton rotates so it looks easy to put a 70lb canoe on by myself

Build one, it’s easy.
Check out my photos. If you leave out the locking pin below the slip junction, The mount rotates. I have a separate T unit that is made for a solo canoe that doesn’t lock in place.

carrying canoe on truck
do you have a parts list, did you weild the bottom to the trailer hitch.

Here is how it was done
I just welded a pipe coupler to the trailer hitch. If you don’t have a welder, it won’t cost much to go to a pro and have him do it. I can simply unscrew the riser pipe when I just want to use the hitch for my sailboat.

I’ve liked Extend-a-truck…
…for carrying my 14 canoe in the bed of my Ranger, but haven’t tried it in the cab-top position. I think the rack sold at Harbor Freight is much less expensive.