Carrying stuff behind you

I want to buy a fishing kayak. So far, I have only rented.

I see in Youtube vids, that kayak fisherpeople carry a lot of stuff behind them. How do they retrieve it?

How do you turn around and face the rear of the kayak without falling in??

Stuff on the back deck is hard to get to
put as much as you can on the front deck and in front of the cockpit.

You don’t have to face the rear…
… of the boat. All you need to do is twist your upper body and get one arm to where your stuff is stored. I have no trouble reaching stuff that’s behind me in a solo canoe, and fishing kayaks are much more stable than any canoe I own. You will probably find that it’s not as hard as you are expecting.

I’m Assuming You Are Referring
To a SOT. The answer is simple. Sit sideways and dangle your legs in the water. Some people fish that way.

Fishing kayaks allow a lot of movement
They have to in order to do their job. But the paddler also has to be aware of the center of the boat’s balance and be able to twist. It is just time.