cart for Kayak

I own a Perception tandem 16’ kayak and need some help getting it to the water over a sandy beach. It weighs between 75 and 85 lbs. I am a 61 year old woman, 5’6, 150 lbs. and I usually go out with another person. Sometimes this person is another woman and not physically as strong as a man so I need something that is easy to use.

Thanks, Connsu

If you are going to be traversing ( how about that fancy word?) a sandy beach get a cart with baloon tires. If you have any questions contact me. Vaughn Fulton.

help with a cart
I do need help. I have looked at the Wheeleze and it is over $200. They have the biggest wheels but sure are pricy. Just wondered if there was a little less expensive one that would do the trick.

Thanks for your help.


Tandems are hard to transport
How do you get it to the beach?

Carts are pricey. Get a lighter kayak or look into one of these:

I use a paddle boy
Not with large wheels. I use it on a Perception Bimini 15’ 3" and QCC 700X. It also helps loading and unloading.

If you are handy with tools

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I can describe how to make one that works great in sand out of an old baby jogger, (can lots of times be found at thrift stores or yard sales)
All you need is a hack saw, a screw driver, and a electric drill. -Materials are just a pool noodle, and two cam lock buckle straps.
I have made two so far, (gave one away). The large diameter wheels make for easy going in sand and over rough terrain. One was given to me, and the other I paid $12 for.
We used it to do the mile long portages in a 90 mile race, with our canoe, and I use it to carry our kayaks long distances to the water across sand.

If you are interested let me know here, and I'll run you through the simple steps.
If not there is no need to reply.


This site is probably your best bet for help . Get on the web and check around. You could probably change the tires on a cheaper cart but that might end up being just as expensive as buying the pricy cart. If you or a friend are handy with tools you can make one. Good luck. VF

Primex / Wheelez
The Wheelez ballon tires are great for sand. The carts are a little pricey, but the cost is in the wheels, so you won’t save much trying to add wheels to a cheaper cart. They are worth it if you can afford them. Wheelez also makes an 8" conventional cart with fairly wide pneumatic tires, as does Primex and an additional manufacturer. Those are very good in general, and would be OK for sand. You can find them for about $100. Better deals can be found if you haunt the accessory section of, ebay and craigslist, but those Wheelez carts aren’t easy to find.

I have a different problem, Can anyone recommend a good cart that is taller than the typical Primex / Wheelez carts? I have a 20’ boat and tend to scatch the bow when hauling it, just because of the length. I need a cart that’s taller, and give me more clearance.


kayak mini cart from Beachcarts, USA.

$119, free shipping, fits inside your kayak, and less than 24 hour turn-around time to Maine. I bought two, one for me & my wife. They go on soft sand, pavement, through mud, anything! We took a boat to the beach, down to the water, left the wheels strapped to the kayak, and crossed a river to a sand bar! These things paid for themselves the first time out. We even surfed with the carts in the boats, and never even noticed.

Paddleboy Fat Boy
We use a Paddleboy Fat Boy end cart to haul around our 20’, 96-lb Boreal Esperanto tandems. It works great. It has inflatable wheels that are about the size of wheelbarrow tires. $150

The large Original Air would also work. $120