Cart for Pungo 140

Can anyone with a Pungo 140 recommend a cart that can be disassembled easily and fit through the rear hatch for storage in the stern? So far I tried an end cart that was too small, and a LL Bean boat cart that was too big to store.

Look at Paddleboy Carts.
Mine fits in the center of the boat nd comes apart.

I Dont Have A Pungo
but I recently made a cart. I used PVC for the frame, an axle out of steel, and two pnuematic wheels with bearings from Harbour Freight. I have about 40 dollars invested. I secured on side of the frame with through bolts and wing nuts so the whole thing breaks apart easily.


Check out Seattle Sports
I have one of theirs and it is durable and easy to use.

made a cart
with parts from Lowes. Wooden crossbeam with V support, all epoxyed together, and a steel-rod axle secured by U-bolts. Wheels are held on by spring cotter pins and come off before stowing in hatch.

Key West Paddle Sports
makes a nice little PVC cart that breaks apart easily. They’re listed on Ebay all the time. I bought one of their bunksport carts for $39 + shipping off of ebay. Works great on Linda’s Pungo 120 and my Tsunami145. It will support up to 70lbs and fits easily in the hatch after easy disassembly.